Pattern-Based Conversion Automation

Converter is a development code converter designed to batch refactor code from/to various data platforms. Between 70-95% of legacy code can be automated and magnify developers' efforts.

The foundation of Converter is designed to flexibly adapt to new data coding patterns. This is why Blade Bridge is able to release new code migration patterns very quickly- even on a project by project basis.

When Converter is used during a conversion, developers are able to batch together coding patterns which were used in the legacy data landscape. These patterns then are auto-mapped to the target data platform. As batch code is converted the tool automatically logs the Pass/Fail code. Developers are enabled with the ability to adapt the converter to custom complex patterns.

Converter Configurations

See if the technology you’re currently attempting to modernize is available, and what level of effort it would take to support. If you don’t see your technology on the list, reach out to us.

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Sample Use Cases

MPP Conversions

Converter empowers organizations to migrate their legacy MPP Data Warehouses to more nimble data warehousing platforms like Snowflake.

By leveraging coding patterns within the legacy MPP Data Warehouse, Converter is able to group together the development code. The batched development code can then be automatically migrated to Snowflake compliant:

  • Databases

  • Tables

  • Views

  • Stored Procedures

  • Functions

ETL/ELT Platform Conversion

Converter refactors code developed in common data integration tool sets. This enables organizations with legacy ETL/ELT tools to refresh their data integration footprints to new platforms without a fully manual effort. Converter is compatible with the most used ETL/ELT platforms including:

  • Informatica
  • DataStage
  • Talend
  • SQL
  • Scripting Languages

Since Converter is built on the foundation of system agnostic pattern conformity, adding more platforms is often a task measured in weeks. If your platform is not included in the list, we still may be able to help.

SQL Code Conversions

Converter allows SQL code to be batched into patterns and converted into nuanced syntax differences including:

  • Statements & Statement Blocks
  • Coding Styles
  • Functions & Function Signatures

The Converter also includes surrounding assets to manage the process including:

  • Status Reporting
  • Dependency Detection
  • Error Grouping & Resolution

Metadata Security

Competing migration solutions require the client to send their metadata to be converted. This not only externalizes their client's corporate metadata but it also puts an ever growing target on the back of the vendor as they conduct more and more migrations.

To comply with metadata security standards, the metadata cannot be exposed. This requires the tooling to be mobile, not the metadata. BladeBridge Converter is a software solution that can be operated by the Client and Systems Integrator in-house. In this regard, BladeBridge Converter stands alone, every other vendor in the code conversion industry exposes this security risk.

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