Code Profiling Engine

Analyzer is designed to interrogate data platforms to reveal the complexities in their deployment. By leveraging the analyzer, project estimates and plans can be made which are more in line with the actual source system metadata and code. Thus both Customers and Systems Integrators can prepare more accurate forecasts. The Analyzer is is often used during the strategy phase of a conversion project.

Sample Use Cases

ETL/ELT Conversion Estimation

Conducting an ETL/ELT migration is no trivial task. Organizations embarking on such a difficult project are like Columbus setting sail for an unknown end game. Analyzer changes all that…

Analyzer interrogates metadata and development code which has accumulated over the years in the Legacy ETL/ELT platform. This interrogation enables Analyzer to produce detailed multi-tabbed reports in Excel that inventory all the artifacts needing to be migrated. Additionally, Analyzer produces a summary of complexity which it breaks down into Low, Medium, Complex, and Very Complex buckets. The categorization for these buckets is well documented so customers and system integrators are aware of why the tallies are broken down the way they are. Additional analysis include:

  • Mapping Details
  • Transformations
  • Mapping Transformations Xref
  • Mapping Objects Xref
  • Mapping Objects List
  • Functions
  • Subject Areas
  • SQL Statements
  • Transformation Expressions

SQL Code Conversion Estimation

Many MPP databases and large enterprise deployments have opted to leverage code as their primary mechanism for deploying their data integration and conformity architecture. This is especially the case the larger the deployment becomes, as the desire to natively push data computation to the database becomes a priority. Thus the ability to interrogate the existing legacy SQL code and understand its complexity is critical for successfully forecasting a database migration.

Analyzer has the ability to profile SQL code and surface conversion complexity for refactoring the code to operate on another database platform. In addition to the complexity summary, the analyzer produces a number of useful analyses including:

  • SQL Programs
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Functions
  • Referenced Objects
  • Program-Object Xref
  • Raw Program Object Xref
  • Referenced Variables
  • Program Variable Xref
  • Raw Program Variable Xref

Analyzer Pricing

Single Run
Secure AWS S3 upload which our Analyst runs through the Analyzer
  • Upload your ETL/Database Metadata
  • BladeBridge will run the analyzer off-site
  • Lower Cost Option
1 Year Subscription
Subscription to Analyzer for a year to use at one Enterprise.
  • Local running of the Analyzer against your ETL/Database Metadata
  • Available to run for a Year
Partner Access
Part of our partner program is the subscription of Analyzer.
  • Run Analyzer on behalf of clients
  • Conduct strategic assessments
  • Generate keys for clients to run them

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