Full Life-cycle Automation

Data Platform Conversions represent a huge opportunity for System Integrators (SI’s).  With the shift in tool stacks, and a move to the cloud, the time to win business is now. However, such large projects like this rarely end up with only 1 bid. How can you ensure that you’re producing the most competitive bid with the most amount of credibility behind it?

BladeBridge provides a path which enables automation throughout the entire conversion process, regardless of whether what road you decide to go down. If you and your customer decide to conduct a lift and shift, you'll lower your project risk by leveraging the conversion automation. If you decide to rebuild, you'll have the quality and automation from Studio in your teams hands.

You can reassure your clients that their consulting dollars are delivering to their maximum potential.


Automation During Discovery Phase

BladeBridge Analyzer empowers your Discovery Stages with your client by profiling the ETL/ELT and database metadata. The output from the Analyzer will help you quote the services for the actual conversion in a far more empirical method than the guestimate approach. However, the enablement from BladeBridge is just getting started at this point. The Analyzer will help your team make a critical determination on whether a lift-and-shift or a rebuild project are the most appropriate approach. Either approach is supported by BladeBridges automation tools, further empowering your position to win the conversion project.

Imagine finishing your discovery with a detailed inventory of all the objects in a multi tabbed spreadsheet, including:

  • Complexity Categorization Count
    • With documented scoring methods
  • SQL Programs
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Functions
  • Referenced Objects
  • Program Objects Xref
  • Raw Program Objects Xref
  • Referenced Variables
  • Program Variables Xref
  • Raw Program Variables Xref
  • Complexity Categorization Count
    • With documented scoring methods
  • Mapping Details
  • Transformation Categorization Summary
  • Mapping Transformations Xref
  • Mapping Objects
  • Mapping Objects Xref
  • Functions
  • Subject Areas
  • SQL Statements
  • Transformation Expressions
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Automation for the Lift and Shift

If your discovery with Analyzer reveals that a Lift & Shift is the best approach then the BladeBridge Converter can be your “ace card” for ensuring your team can deliver the conversion in the shortest possible time putting you in control of your margin buffers for your conversion.

When Converter is used during your conversion, your team is able to batch together coding patterns which were used in the legacy data landscape. These patterns then are auto-mapped to the target data platform. As batch code is converted the tool automatically logs the Pass/Fail code. Your consultants are enabled with the ability to adapt the converter to custom complex patterns.

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Automation for New/Rebuilds

If your discovery with Analyzer reveals that a rebuild is the best approach, then BladeBridge Studio will be the best approach as it delivers a “no strings attached” code generation engine for ETL/ELT, SQL, and PySpark deployment. Your development team can work from templated project requirements that generate clean, consistent code, generated documentation and data lineage. Studio is designed to address this complexity by composing data transformation code onto existing ETL/ELT platforms which can be deployed more straightforward business requirements definitions. The output from Studio delivers clean consistent ETL/ELT code which follows appropriate naming conventions and encapsulates best practice data mappings out of the box.

When you’re finished with the client deployment, the Studio can be detached from the deployment without any dependencies to the BladeBridge Studio. Again, this is putting you in control of your margin by significantly reducing the cost of building your data project.

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