Remove Obstacles to Adopting Your Product

You have a game changing data platform product but how do you drive it’s adoption in the market? Getting organizations to adopt your product is not a trivial task if the cost of adoption is a massive consulting engagement. How do you displace legacy vendors that are deeply embedded into customer accounts through a maze of complexity?

BladeBridge can help you, our tools have been designed specifically for data platform agility.

Bridge Customers to Your Product

If you have a data management product such as a data base or a data transformation tool, you need a way to on-board customers quickly. The BladeBridge Converter is designed to do just that.

At the heart of the Converter is a powerful Common Metadata Layer. Combining this layer with a pattern grouping tool, the converter is able to batch convert code from other platforms to your platform. The Converter is already designed to read and generate code from/to various platforms, enabling your sales force to remove that barrier to entry.

Get in contact with the BladeBridge development team to start the process of simplifying your customer onboarding.

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Enabling Your Sales Team

How do you get customers to the point that they even have the confidence that a conversion is possible? After all, their old platforms might be decades old.

BladeBridge has a powerful Analyzer that can profile your prospect's metadata. The analysis of this metadata helps you inventory and score the complexity of a migration to your platform. The scoring has documented explanations which define why complexity levels might be high. The output of the analyzer is a multi-tabbed excel spreadsheet.

The analyzer is a weapon in the hands of your Sales Engineers and Professional Services teams, bringing them instant credibility and confidence in your ability to execute. Imagine producing a detailed inventory of all your customers current objects, including:

  • Complexity Categorization Count
    • With documented scoring methods
  • Mapping Details
  • Transformation Categorization Summary
  • Mapping Transformations Xref
  • Mapping Objects
  • Mapping Objects Xref
  • Functions
  • Subject Areas
  • SQL Statements
  • Transformation Expressions
  • Complexity Categorization Count
    • With documented scoring methods
  • SQL Programs
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Functions
  • Referenced Objects
  • Program Objects Xref
  • Raw Program Objects Xref
  • Referenced Variables
  • Program Variables Xref
  • Raw Program Variables Xref
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And... Faster New Projects

Converting legacy solutions is only the tip of the iceberg. BladeBridge also enables you to execute on new development work. The BladeBridge Studio is a code generator that outputs clean, consistent, and best practice data pipeline code in your format choice. Current outputs include:

  • SQL
  • PySpark
  • Talend
  • Informatica
  • Data Stage

The secret to BladeBridge Studio's development acceleration is pattern based code generation. Thus complex code deployments like data warehousing transformations are made easy. Studio has a business analyst interface which allows users to input the parameters for how they want to see the data, and the code generator does the rest. Additionally, the code output is independent of the BladeBridge Studio.

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